Discover the Birthplace of Flight: Explore Wright Brothers National Museum Now!

Discover the Birthplace of Flight: Explore Wright Brothers National Museum Now!

Discover the Birthplace of Flight: Explore Wright Brothers National Museum Now!

Life is filled with surprising adventures - and sometimes, all it takes is a willingness to explore to find them! Without a concrete plan, we embarked on a four-day journey from New Hampshire to Astor, Florida. While we initially intended to visit a few lighthouses at the Outer Banks, little did we know that this incredible expedition would bring us face to face with history itself at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina. Our son insisted that we couldn't miss the Wright Brothers National Memorial, given our close proximity. Although we were exhausted from the long trip and yearned for a satisfying dinner and some rest, a spark inside us urged us to take this small detour before settling in for the night.

As we approached the guard stand, Holly and I hesitated. With our orthopedic concerns, the hilly walking tour seemed daunting. However, we decided to push forward, thinking that at worst, it would be enjoyable to drive through. Looking back, we're incredibly grateful that we didn't turn back!

monument on the hill with blue skies and walking path

sculpture of airplane and people watching first flight

In 1903, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina witnessed the first successful powered flights, which ultimately led to the establishment of Kill Devil Hills. Today, the area retains its windswept charm, kissed by the salty ocean air, just as it did in 1903.

 Upon entering the gates, a serene quietness embraced us, interrupted only by the occasional seagull's cry. People wandered the grounds, exploring and discovering, yet the area was far from crowded.

3 sculptures of men in uniform from the early 1900's

man on wing of plane

Standing tall on the left, atop the hill, is the Kill Devil Hill and Memorial Tower. Erected in 1932, this monument offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

life size sculpture of man flying first planeWe circled the paved road to gain a complete perspective of the monument. As we made the final turn, the "Wright Brothers Take Flight In Sculpture" loomed before us. Parking the car adjacent to the sculpture, we stepped out to marvel at this magnificent artwork that transported us back in time. It was as if we were truly present on that monumental day!

The sculpture, created by Stephen Smith in 2003, astounded us with its intricate details. The uniforms, technology, and expressions on the faces of the figures made us feel like active participants in history. Goosebumps tingled on our skin, accompanied by wide smiles on our faces. It was a truly magical experience.

man watching first plane take off

another view of life size monument man flying first plane

The museum is open year-round, managed by the National Park Service, and offers reasonably priced admission. Children under 15 enter for free, while individuals over 16 can explore for just $10, with the pass valid for seven consecutive days from the date of purchase. Operating hours are from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week (excluding Christmas). You'll find more information on their website here.

sculpture of photographer from early 1900's

man flying plane on wingReflecting on our visit, we often discuss the importance of raising the bar and embracing curiosity, love, and the wonders of nature. It's remarkable how often we overlook the hidden gems in our own backyard while rushing to reach the next destination. Sometimes, the most extraordinary places are right in front of us, unexpected and full of surprises!

sculpture of man from the early 1900's

If you're captivated by these photos and wish to bring a piece of the Wright Brothers Monument into your home, you can find prints available here.

sculpture og head shot man flying first plane

The Wright Brothers truly Set The Bar Higher! These photos are available for purchase in our store here.

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Ann Marie and Holly


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