Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursdays is dedicated to preserving the stories of forgotten products from the past. We take a close look at their craftsmanship, purpose, and history with a nostalgic eye.

We travel around discovering vintage and retro pieces that may have been lost in time and thought it would be great to share them through our blog. Many of these items are artfully designed, some with clever packaging and all their own cherished place in history.

We hope you'll join us on our Throwback Thursday journey as we explore these unique items and uncover more treasures from days gone by!

This blog aims to unite the past with the present - so let's get started!

The bobbin

The bobbin is a reminder of the vintage, retro past. It was an integral part of weaving on a loom and carried the weft or filling yarns. Before the invention of the flying shuttle in 1733, most cloth was only as wide as a weaver could comfortably reach. But with this incredible new technology, fabrics became wider and weaving became faster; it set off a chain reaction that led to the power looms in American textile mills by 1830s - creating more employment opportunities for young women than ever before. As we look back at those who worked hard to make our lives easier and better, let’s take a moment today to appreciate their efforts!

Briggs Pipe Tobacco

"WHEN A FELLER NEEDS A FRIEND". I'm not a smoker but my Uncle smoked a pipe. The design is simple, direct, much like the 1950's!

The Flume Brush with Leather Pouch

The Flume is a popular tourist attraction in New Hampshire's White Mountains. This brush and leather pouch is artfully constructed and nested in a leather pouch. It's in perfect condition as if it were frozen in time!

Pacco Tune-Up Kit

One color one piece box that gets straight to the point! In all likelihood these were parts for a moped.

Paul Revere Crayons

Who doesn't love crayons?! Paul Revere crayons were made by Milton Bradley. All 48 crayons are nested beautifully in their original box. Probably from the 1950's. Too pretty to use!

Vintage Curling Iron

You can't prune you plants with this but you could curl your hair! You would heat it by placing it on top of your wood burning stove. This is how women got those tight little ringlets in their hair. Men also used it to add the curls to their mustache. 

Men's Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs are always in style in my opinion. This timeless accessory can make even the oldest styles look modern and fresh. Crafted from beautiful leather for ultimate durability - and boy does it show! Even after using it heavily, the zipper has held up perfectly. Timeless!

Hickory Pipe Mixture

From a marketing perspective I just love the packaging!


I hate to leave you hanging but I have no idea what this is. I just think it's beautiful! If you know please share in the blog comments! :)

White Mountain Oil Can

Isn't this a work of art? It still works and was too beautiful to just post one photo of it!

Yarn Dispenser

Beautiful graphics and simple solution. To me the artwork sells the story!

What are some of your favorite finds? Celebrating the past inspires the future! We'd love to hear from you!



Ann Marie and Holly

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September 03, 2023

My salvaging husband thinks “the mystery” is a coal miners oil lamp! Not 💯 sure but a good guess!

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