Model T Snowmobile

David Hiltz knows a thing or two about Model T's. He's the proud owner of several award winning cars. I went to see him at the Model T Snowmobile Club event  in Milton, NH.

Here is my Q&A with Dave:
Q : Was your model T converted to a snowmobile?
A :  No, it's been a snowmobile it's entire life.
Q : Do you know where it originated?
A : It was a mail carriers vehicle in Arlington, VT. It was sold to a man in Massachusetts who never did anything with it. A friend of mine, Robert Weiss from Dublin, bought it and totally restored it to its original condition. When I was nominated to become our national clubs president he called me and jokingly said I couldn't be president and not own my own snowmobile. He told me I better come to his place and get it. We made an agreement and I became its new owner and caretaker.
Q : What year is your model T?
A : It's a 1922 which was the first year they were put into production.
Q : Can you tell me about your sleigh?
A : There were three track widths. My car is the most popular, 44" which is the width of most sleighs at the time. This is one of my favorite, but there is such a short time you have to use it.
One thing you should know about Dave is that he's a master sign carver. He lives in the White Mountains and is still carving, painting beautiful signs. So it's no surprise that he made the wood skis mounted to his snowmobile. As you'll see in the photos, no detail has been spared!
Dave has several model T's. Stay tuned to see and hear more about them! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the photos from the event!
We'll circle back with Dave this Summer and feature some of his T's without ski's!
Happy Winter,
Ann Marie

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